Firmly Flexible: Will the Marine Scientist Who Left Banking Make Bank?

Plus, a Simple Way to Save the Earth


Under the vast Arctic sky, the aurora borealis unfurled like a cosmic ballet, its ethereal ribbons of green and violet light dancing gracefully across the celestial stage. Luis Aguilar watches as each shimmering wave of color breathes magic into the frigid night air, casting a spell of awe and wonder over the silent, snow-covered landscape.

Fast-forward a bit. 

Now a white water rafting guide, Luis feels the raw power of nature course through him with every rapid and twist of the river, the exhilarating rush of adrenaline mingling with the icy splash of water as he navigates the untamed, frothing currents. Surrounded by towering cliffs and lush greenery, each paddle stroke, a dance with the river's might, a thrilling testament to the wild and untamed beauty of the great outdoors.

These scenes replay in the marine scientist’s soul, visceral moments in nature that leave an indelible mark.

Of course, seeing as his view at the moment is that of a man working in a bank, there’s a slight disconnect.

Luis felt it, too. 

What he did next would change everything, starting from the moment he got bit by a bug.

In this week’s edition of Entrepreneurs Gone Wild, you’ll meet an entrepreneur whose unique perspective on the world will help you age even more vibrantly than his 94-year-old grandmother did. 

Plus, if you’ve ever wondered something like, “Where the heck is all our trash?” or “What happens if the bees all die?” you’ve experienced eco-anxiety. We’ve got a tip for turning it down a notch.

And also, some goodies for you this week.

But first, a word about our sponsor…

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That’s what Luis had to say about Greg Johnson’s Email Magic newsletter.

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Where were we? Oh yes, Luis got bit by the bug. 

The entrepreneurial bug. That thing that makes you do ‘crazy’ things, like quitting your job so you can go all in on serving a group of people you love - people who want a transformation you can deliver. Things like shaping your very life to fit your dreams and values. 

It’s that bug that nudged Luis, who is no stranger to adventure, to make the leap. 

In his early 20’s, Luis and a buddy hitchhiked from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the kind of adventure that leaves a mark. The kind of adventure that lends itself well to deep thinking. And it did.

Was it a scene from the arctic that nudged him to make his move? From Kenya, Africa? From his cross-continental trek? Yes. All of that.

Luis had taken the bank job to learn about money and finance. It was a good job. A nice job. Secure. But he began to chafe. Feeling a tad confined, he began to crave a path that allowed him to apply his knowledge and connect with others more deeply.

One day, Luis's yearning for a more fulfilling life reached its peak. He realized that the 9-to-5 grind, the repetitive directives, and the lack of creative freedom were stifling his true potential. So, in a bold move, he quit his job and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.


"Always stay alert and ready to pivot, embracing the rapid changes and unexpected challenges with agility and resilience." 

How many times had Luis given that same advice to his white water rafting charges? Now he gave it to himself as he dove into entrepreneurship. As he soon discovered, business is a personal development project. He’d need to rely on his abilities and instincts, confront his fears, and navigate water he’d never been in before.

The people he’s serving? Busy professionals who want to design and live their ideal life. That’s the high level. More specifically, he’s using fitness as a catapult to help his people dive deeper into the life they want. 

“I find that what you’re eating and how you sleep and how you exercise… that all spills over into other areas of our lives, impacting the emotional, mental, and even the spiritual side of who I am today. I’m using New Dynamo You to help entrepreneurs use a fitness journey to take their whole lives to the next level,” he says.

Seeing his grandmother aging strong, and crediting her exercise regimen for her vitality, he sees fitness not just as physical exercise, but as a gateway to a more intentional, fulfilling life. His new venture, New Dynamo You, focuses on helping others design their ideal life through the lens of physical and holistic health. Luis made the shift from consumer to producer in his mindset. 

What’s this look like? So far, he’s created a podcast, New Dynamo U where he talks with guests about topics like health and wellness. He’s started building a community. And he’s working on his first product, which came from a problem he experienced himself.


Luis is on the move. Originally from El Salvador, he didn’t have much opportunity to play sports - the time and money required put that childhood experience out of reach. Now he practices capoeira. He’s always known he had to move. Regularly. 

But when he started, he noticed he’d get stiff and sore after a workout. That can be a sign of diminishing mobility. Luis didn’t know much about stretching until someone showed him the power of compound exercises. That led to a deep dive into functional fitness.

Dude can do the splits now. His first product will help you do them, too. He’s in the pre-launch phase of a set of suspension straps that help with strength training, flexibility, mobility, and stability. We all need more of that. 

If you’ve ever watched kids run amok to burn off some extra energy, you’ve probably noticed that they’re practically indestructible. Heading for a header, they’re likely to surprise you by turning a cartwheel or doing a backflip rather than falling on their faces.

That’s mobility. 


And no matter how sedentary you might have been until now, you can regain yours. Better flexibility and mobility make you feel better, prevent injuries, and give you a great way to practice mindfulness in motion.

These days, Luis’ outdoor time is a bit more tame, though his past nature adventures have left a visceral stamp on his soul. There’s a great park near his place in Montreal, and he makes good use of it. 

“You think you don’t have the time, but once you make the time you realize that time outdoors gives you so much in return that you’re actually more efficient afterward.”

Sound advice from a guy who knows what it means to stretch. 

Luis is in for the journey of a lifetime. It’s not his first. He’s bringing some growth-driven entrepreneurs along for the ride. And what a ride it will be. 


The sky is falling. 
The polar ice caps are melting. 
The earth is overheating.
The bees are dying.

Maybe it's true. Maybe not. 

But we hear it all the time, and that’s enough to give most of us enough agita to think about the environment more than most humans have over our time here.

For some, these worries ramp up to leave us grappling with environmental anxiety. My conversation with Luis offers a perspective that’s both healing and empowering: immersing ourselves in nature can help alleviate this anxiety. 

Here’s how stepping outside is not just a break from the chaos but a step towards understanding and action.

Perspective Shift: Nature has a way of putting things into perspective. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by environmental issues when we’re cooped up indoors, bombarded by alarming news. But outside, amidst the trees and under the vast sky, we gain a clearer, more grounded view of our planet. This shift in perspective can transform our anxiety into a sense of purpose and connection.

Education Through Experience: Direct interaction with nature educates us in ways no article or documentary can. Witnessing the changing seasons, the blooming flowers, or the birds nesting can foster a deeper understanding of nature’s cycles and resilience. This hands-on learning experience is crucial in turning fear into informed concern and action.

The Power of Small Actions: Being outdoors reminds us that every small action counts. Whether it’s planting a garden, participating in local clean-up drives, or simply reducing waste, each effort contributes to a healthier planet. As Aguilar notes, making positive changes in our immediate environment can have a ripple effect, inspiring larger community actions.

Nature as a Stress Reliever: Numerous studies show that spending time outdoors significantly reduces stress and anxiety. A calm mind is more capable of rational thinking and problem-solving – essential skills for tackling environmental issues.

Community Building: Engaging in outdoor activities often leads to community involvement. Whether it’s a local hiking group, a community garden, or an environmental advocacy group, such connections foster a sense of belonging and collective responsibility towards our planet.

While eco-anxiety is a real and valid response to our current environmental situation, nature itself offers a powerful antidote. By stepping outdoors and engaging with our environment, we can shift our mindset from anxiety to action, from isolation to community, and from fear to hope. 

The next time you step outside for recess, remember… you’re not just an observer of nature - you’re an integral part of it. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. And teach others.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

I’m already dreaming of next year at Christmas… imagining a white blanket of snow, guests sipping cocoa around the toasty campfire, maybe dressing the alpacas up like elves at Idyllwild Woods Retreat Center.

Thanks for being part of my sweetest dreams. I can’t wait to welcome you there.


or to participate.