Chemistry Study Aid Ends Recurring Nightmares, Keeps Brain Agile

Still Have that Recurring High School Chemistry Class Nightmare? How to Make It Stop

Picture this: It's the 1980s, and you're back in high school chemistry class, the place where dreams (and some perfect GPAs) went to die. In your dream, you can smell the Aqua Net and Paco Rabanne - scents you’ll take to your grave. You’ve just arrived at the Chemistry classroom to realize it’s midterms today. 

Are you prepared? Not in the least. You meant to study, to finally get caught up. That plan seemed to work okay with all your other classes. But the further you fall behind in chemistry, the more hopeless that plan seems.

And remember, it’s the 80’s. Many teachers follow the strict “no memorization” philosophy of teaching. They meant well - wanting to shape a generation of students who valued deep thinking rather than rote recitation. 

Except there was a problem.

Some subjects are really, really hard to learn if you don’t do a lot of memorization work as you study. Chemistry is one of them, but let’s take language as an example.

Say, you want to learn Scottish Gaelic so you can impress your family the next time someone wants to toss cabers between sips of scotch. 


But there’s a catch… You are not allowed to memorize any vocabulary words. And, yes, there will be a test at the end of 11 weeks. 

Palms getting sweaty? You get it.

A Chemistry Study Aid that Works the Way Human Brains Actually Learn

If your experience in chemistry class shook your confidence as hard as it rocked your class ranking, it’s quite possible it wasn’t just because you were a slacker. 

Dr. Russell Dollinger of Science Glen observed that often the "smartest" kids were the ones who struggled the most with chemistry. You might have been one of them, breezing through other subjects but hitting a wall with chemistry.

Especially if your educators were firmly in the “memorization is stupid” camp. Some still are.

Based on the article from Psychology Today titled An Old New Way To Fix Our Schools, memorization in learning is not just a relic of the past but a vital tool for educational success. The article emphasizes that memorization is more than just rote learning; it's a foundation for deeper understanding and critical thinking. 

For instance, the story of Raemon Matthews, a teacher in a vocational high school in South Bronx, illustrates this point. Matthews' students, despite coming from challenging backgrounds, achieved remarkable academic success through memorization techniques. These techniques not only increased their knowledge but also fostered mental discipline. 

This approach challenges the modern educational trend that often dismisses memorization as outdated, highlighting its enduring value in reinforcing knowledge and enhancing cognitive skills. The article argues that memorization is essential for learning, as it lays the groundwork upon which higher-level thinking and analysis are built.

Adult Learning and Memory 

Fast forward to today. You may have lived for decades with a nagging sense of academic Imposter Syndrome. Maybe your interpretation of your high school performance steered you into and away from career options that shaped your whole life. Maybe you actually harbor some regrets for letting certain subjects defeat you.

Not only that, but maybe you’re starting to notice the little glitches in your short-term memory. It’s not a great feeling.

Everyone says the best way to keep your memory sharp is to keep learning. 

Learn a language. Learn a skill. Learn a hobby. Pass it on. There’s no better way to learn than to teach someone else what you just learned. 

You can pick up a new language or a skill online, but what about conquering that old nemesis: chemistry? Enter Science Glen's ion flashcards and Ionic Disc Bonding Model kit - your chance to finally make peace with those elements and bonds that once haunted you.

And this time, you could learn chemistry the way your brain LOVES to learn. Starting with memorization. (Here's a tip for memorizing even faster.)

Five Surprising Benefits of Using a Chemistry Study Aid Daily, Long After You Graduated from High School

  1. Mental Workout: These tools are not just about learning chemistry; they're a full-blown workout for your brain, keeping it sharp and agile.

  2. Boost in Self-Esteem: There's something incredibly empowering about mastering a subject that once felt insurmountable.

  3. Unexpected Ice Breakers: Dropping a cool chemistry fact in casual conversation? You'll be surprised how it can spark interest and dialogue.

  4. Professional Edge: A basic understanding of chemistry can unexpectedly benefit your career, opening new doors and opportunities.

  5. Ending the Nightmares: No more dreams where you're unprepared for a chemistry test. It's time to put those to rest.

Deep Learning, Fast and Easy 

Science Glen’s mission is to help people of all ages enjoy learning science. The ion flashcards and Ionic Disc Bonding Model kit Dr. Dollinger created are just the first two chemistry study aid products in a whole lineup of products and courses under development. 

Using his decades of teaching experience and the most promising discoveries in neuroscience and education, Dr. Dollinger makes learning chemistry fast and easy.

These study aids are more than classroom-proven educational tools; they're your ticket to rewriting a chapter of your academic history. They're not just about learning; they're about overcoming and reclaiming a part of your educational journey.

In the end, an effective chemistry study aid offers more than just knowledge. It’s a chance to revisit and conquer a past challenge. So, here's to learning, growing, and sometimes, rewriting our past with the right tools in hand.

Order your first chemistry study aid and start learning today.

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